part, thoughtfully prepared dry and wet facial towel s (travel clothes), compact

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“be sure to bring your ID card, towel, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and so on before you go. Everything in the hotel is dirty. Be sure to use your own. Put on the cotton-padded jacket I just bought for you. I watched the weather forecast to cool down.”

In theory, traction is effective. It can expand the gap between cervical joints and facilitate the reduction of displaced intervertebral discs. There are many methods of cervical traction, including bracket traction, neck support traction, towel traction and so on. In fact, none of the above methods are very convenient. I recommend a soft and accurate double-palm traction method that can be done at any time. Patients cross-linked fingers, put the palms on the back of the neck, the palms gently clamped inward, and piggyback to do upward pull effect, in the massage also traction effect.

(1) when you go swimming, you should bring your own towels, slippers and other personal belongings, and try not to come into contact with the public objects of the swimming place. Keep your personal belongings independently and do not share them with others at any time.

At 3: 00 p.m. on the first day of the Lunar New year, the 25 rooms just vacated by the Sindra apartment Hotel were immediately filled by the medical staff who had just finished the night shift in the fourth Hospital of Wuhan. They bring their own sheets, quilt covers, toothbrushes, towels and other household items and disinfectant.

Bow your head, blessed is the baby with sore cervical vertebrae! Wind super SKG cervical vertebra massage machine, home to the neck crisp clothing to a spa level care! The appearance is simple and lightweight, using low-frequency pulse massage technology, two electrode pieces imitate tapping, massage and massage techniques, 15 massage stalls, 37-42 degrees temperature choice, such as putting a hot towel on the neck, the stiff muscles immediately soften ~

Freego takes into account the camping picnic part, thoughtfully prepared dry and wet facial towels (travel clothes), compact and portable travel clothes are the best choice for outdoor travel, it can not only be used for facial cleansing, but also show off at picnics. Thickened large size, one can be used to wipe tableware, tables and chairs and even can be directly used to put food.

Secondly, the virus exists in the environment where people live, especially in public bathrooms, public hotels, public swimming pools, etc., and can spread the infection through floors, shared towels, slippers, or foot massage in public places.

When the fire alarm goes off, the kindergarten immediately starts the fire emergency plan. Under the guidance of the teacher, the children wet the towels and cover their mouth and nose. The teachers of each class quickly follow the pre-prescribed evacuation route to lead the children to escape in an orderly manner and evacuate safely. In the course of the exercise, teachers pay close attention to the safety of young children and organize them to go downstairs in an orderly manner. when they encounter the point of fire, teachers and students leave the dangerous area unhurriedly and quickly, and their mood is stable.