opening of coconut shell beach camps and fishing

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As night falls, you can use a white dress to complete your dream of a beach wedding, or you can use a small black dress to open a romantic chapter at the reception. “the first time I met Caroline was on the beach in Monaco. She was wearing a black pleated dress with light tights and high heels, “Virginia recalls.” Monaco was inseparable from the history of the Chanel brand and we had a lot of good time here. ”

opening of coconut shell beach camps and fishing

The night economy spawned new momentum. In recent years, the night culture and tourism products of Liuye Lake have been gradually enriched, and the night economy has developed rapidly. Visiting river streets, watching performances, setting up tents, eating barbecue and listening to music have become “necessities” for ordinary citizens and foreign tourists to spend at night. On the evening of September 30th, Xinhua News Agency reported live on Hejie, which received 1.28 million views. During the National Day, watch the “memory of Changde” live performance to enjoy ticket discounts, as well as wood carving, hemp painting and other non-legacy manual experience. From October 1 to 7, River Street received a total of 91600 tourists, of which night visitors and consumption accounted for more than 80%. In addition, with the opening of coconut shell beach camps and fishing song art camps one after another, “camping fever” has led to the development of related industries such as tents, folding tables and chairs, lighting, picnic tablecloths, catering, music festivals, and so on. Night economy has become a new growth point for stimulating consumption.

Rhinoceros Bay is a new popular scenic spot in Qinzhou. Seaside swing, romantic crescent moon, soft beach, blue sea, here is an excellent place to experience coastal customs! As night falls, you can also go to the sea to pick up snails, shrimp, camping picnics and enjoy poetic life.

opening of coconut shell beach camps and fishing

Rizhao No. 3 Beach is the first of the three formal baths in Rizhao City to be free. the beach spray here is very small, the sea is calm all the year round, and the beach quality is very high. During the peak tourist season every year, an endless stream of people come here to spend the summer. The whole beach is filled with all kinds of umbrellas, picnic cloths, tents and folding chairs by tourists. Tourists take their children on picnics or bask in the sun and enjoy a pleasant holiday.

Four Seasons Hotel almost monopolizes the entire Danronglu coast, and beach sports and water sports are naturally unambiguous. Beach volleyball, football, rowing, windsurfing and catamaran are all free to play. Of course, you can also take part in hotel activities to explore the outlying islands in the south by boat or motorboat. The guide will also take you to the uninhabited beach and enjoy a private island picnic.

opening of coconut shell beach camps and fishing

In addition, it is recommended to go to the Elf Valley, a minority scenic spot close to Black Dragon Lake, for about an hour of parent-child hiking. After buying tickets, through a suspension bridge, you enter the Elf Valley, which is a natural valley in the depths of the mountain, with pools, streams, beach rocks and cliffs. The running water washed the boulders into different shapes and lifelike. There is no smooth trail here, people need to walk between boulders, climb up, climb down and jump, which is challenging, but there are facilities such as railings in difficult areas to improve safety. According to the staff of the scenic spot, tourists had better follow the hiking route to “Lingquan” and then return after play. if there are no locals to lead the way, there is a risk of getting lost in the depths. Opposite the mouth of the Elf Valley, there is a Baihe beach where you can camp, have picnics and fly kites.

Beach camping should first prepare an extra picnic mat and a bucket, which is filled with water in advance, and then put it outside the tent. When you enter the tent, be sure to shake your clothes clean and wash your feet with water to avoid bringing sand into the tent.

16. Tomorrow to have a picnic, accompanied by nature day and night, I now want to go to the blue sea and blue sky beach with great interest to eat delicious food. Unfortunately, I still have a full arrangement, so I have no choice but to let nature take its course. I think that eating, drinking and making merry is not the most comfortable thing. I will reap fruit as long as I concentrate on it.